Praise & Worship

We worship God our Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit.  Our praise and worship songs are both old and new, both traditional hymns as well as contemporary songs.  We are Spirit led and not performance based.



We insist on preaching the uncompromised Word of God, and bring messages inspired by God through the Holy Spirit, aligned with Holy scripture, and in harmony with our statement of faith.


The "Ordinances" of the Church

The church, by definition, must be that place where the Word of God is fitly spoken and the sacraments rightly administered, which also includes church discipline. No panic here, this doesn't refer to punishment, it refers to taking on the self-discipline of following Christ - beginning to live your life as a disciple.

John Calvin was right when he defined the church like this... how many churches are truly preaching the Word exigetically properly, in hermaneutically sound fashion, from someone who is formally trained like every other preacher for the past 1900 years before we came along... how much of that is going on?

It goes on here at The Remnant Church!

Since 1993

The Most Important Decision

The most important decision we make in this life is not where we will spend Sunday mornings, it is where we’ll spend our eternal life.  When we have made that choice, we’re not only prepared to die... we’re finally prepared to be alive!

Many people turn from God, or run from God, without ever once experiencing a real walk with God.  Freedom Church will help you understand who Jesus Christ is and why He gave His life for us.  Spiritual life is not just a "religion", it is a relationship with God.


Visit Us

If you don't have a home church, or have never been to a real church where real Christians meet, check out our service times and come for a visit!