28 JUL 2019

Meet and greet! (Sunday mornings, after praise and worship):

Some people are huggers, some are wavers, some are hand-shakers, but we all like to say hello to our brothers and sisters.  If Pastor DeWayne sleeps through it, be sure to remind him after praise and worship time and tithes/offerings have been taken, before he starts preaching!

27 JUL 2019

Wake up and smell the coffee (8:30 AM):

Sometimes Sunday morning can feel just as busy, or even busier than a work day morning rush hour.  Starting with the first Sunday morning service in September (2019), we're going to have some coffee brewing at 8:30 AM, and maybe even a scooby snack.  This will give us a free moment before the 10:00 AM service to just hold still, beat down our worldly distractions and settle down for a special time with God's people.

27 JUL 2019

Ablaze Youth Rides Again (6:00 PM):

So, God created people.  And some of you are too old or too big for Kid's Church, yet not quite old enough to move out of your parents' homes and start life on your own.  This is a particularly complicated age to be at, because the world has already started beating you down, grooming you to accept the harness that will have you trying to carry the weight of the world.  But God's yoke (harness) is light, and carries freedom with it.  And if you are any age between the 6th grade up through graduation from high school, you need light, not heavy.  Freedom Church is not going to stand by and let the world lead you off to be a slave.  Starting at 6:00 PM on the first Sunday evening in September (2019), we're going to return to having a youth service!  It will be a powerful time of forging God's armor in the service of the King, in your defense, because you are called to be kings and queens.  Not later.  Now.  So tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell all the young people you know, and be there or be overburdened.

27 JUL 2019

God's Day (10:00 AM):

Sometimes it feels like we honor Sunday (the Sabbath), just to kind of check off a list of obligations to God.  But God didn't create the Sabbath, the day of rest, because he needed rest.  He didn't actually rest.  If you read Hebrew, you find that the word used to describe what God did on the seventh day was not taking a nap.  He took time to enjoy His creation... not just the world, but us!  So this day is not because we need to catch up on sleep, it is a day of spending time enjoying the family (not just our individual families, but the actual family or community that is the Kingdom of God... to include our body of believers!).  So instead of starting our service early, then disappearing from the thing that God took time to enjoy on the seventh day, we are changing service times to 10:00 AM, beginning the first service in September (2019).  This will keep us from having to choose between waking up earlier and spending time with God's people.

27 JUL 2019

Communion (Every Sunday):

Jesus told us that, as often as we do this, to do it in remembrance of Him.  What was he talking about?  Taking communion.  If you notice, He didn't prescribe any particular interval or timing for the frequency of communion.  Starting with the first service in September (2019), we will be joining in communion toward the end of our service time, every week.  And as often as we do this, we will continue to do this in remembrance of Him.