15 DEC 2019 - War Pastor DeWayne preached about the war, whose war it is, and who is going to win it.
1 DEC 2019 - Focus Pastor DeWayne preached about our need to focus on God, and not other people, or even very difficult and confusing things going on all around us.
24 NOV 2019 - Move Pastor DeWayne preached about our need to move - to constantly realign ourselves with God's Word and God's Will.
17 NOV 2019 - the War Between Forgiveness and Telling a Lie Pastor DeWayne preached about how God calls us to forgive, but yet not condone or participate in validating someone else's lies about who God is or who they are.
10 NOV 2019 - Justice Pastor DeWayne preached about Justice and how the only fair justice in the world is God's Justice and not our own.
3 NOV 2019 - Milk and Meat Pastor DeWayne preached about our need to have milk in our early walk with God, and our need to spiritually wean ourselves off of a milk only diet and grow into a hunger for spiritual meat.
27 OCT 2019 - the Curse of Rage Pastor DeWayne preached about God's ability to heal us of the curse of rage.
20 OCT 2019 - the Two Lords Pastor DeWayne reminded us that there are two lords, and that it is impossible to serve both, and it is impossible to serve neither.
13 OCT 2019 - Completeness Pastor DeWayne preached about who or what it is that completes us.
6 OCT 2019 - the Stirring of the Spirit Pastor DeWayne preached about the world's current state, and the hunger for the stirring of the Spirit.
29 SEP 2019 - the Rock of Ages Pastor DeWayne preached about the challenges that young people (transitioning through kid's church, to youth to young adults) are facing, and what the world's answers are for these challenges, and what God is calling the church to change in order to keep young people in the community of believers.
22 SEP 2019 - What it Means to Live Pastor DeWayne shared God's answer, as written by the Apostle Paul, to the questions:  What does it even mean to be alive?  What am I doing with my life?  What is the meaning of life?  What does it even mean to be alive?
15 SEP 2019 - Chaos and Order Pastor DeWayne talked about the chaos that results from God-imposed division.  When we try to unite in anything that is against God's will, we suffer the consequences, and one of those consequences is division.  But when we are for God, and not competing with Him, He brings order from our chaos.
8 SEP 2019 - the Call for Mercy Pastor DeWayne shared a message advocating for the call for mercy that is so often missing from the Christian church and lifestyle in the world today.
1 SEP 2019 - the Buffet Pastor DeWayne shared a message about the dangers of picking and choosing what part of God's Word that we want to believe, and what parts we want to ignore.  God's Word is not actually a buffet, but sometimes we find ourselves tempted to eat at the buffet.
25 AUG 2019 - Whose Life is This? Pastor DeWayne shared God's word reminding us that our life is not our own, and was paid for with a high price, and talked about the Biblical truths that tell us that we cannot throw our life away.
11 AUG 2019 - the Law and the Spirit Pastor DeWayne talked about the difference between living by the Law, and living by the Spirit, and explained how we sometimes slip into confusing the law of man with the Law of God.
4 AUG 2019 - the Art of Peace Pastor DeWayne talked about the art of peace, and how the world often stumbles onto and then plagiarizes God's revelations.
28 JUL 2019 - Fight the Good Fight Pastor DeWayne talked about what the good fight is, and what it isn't, who it is with, and who it is not with.
21 JUL 2019 - a Tale of Two Prisons Pastor DeWayne talked about the prisons we (parents, and even the church) can build when we don't follow God's instructions found in Proverbs 22:6 - Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.
14 JUL 2019 - Don't Judge Me Pastor DeWayne talked about the world's distortion of our responsibility to judge everything we hear (not to judge people) and compare it to the Word of God.
7 JUL 2019 - God's Business Pastor DeWayne talked about God's business not conforming to any secular, worldly business model, and how we, as a church, are commanded to not function as a business.
23 JUN 2019 - Whose Side are you on? Brother DeWayne talked about the fact that God doesn't take a side... we can choose to be on God's Side, or we can choose to be against God, but God does not align with mankind, mankind aligns with God.
5 MAY 2019 - What is HE doing up there? Brother DeWayne revealed what God's word says and what it does not say qualifies anyone to preach the Word of God.